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Okay your brand new WordPress site is up and running but what’s next? Are you just going to leave it for the rest of the time without maintaining it? It could be a tedious task for you if you doing it yourself. Let our WordPress Professionals take care of your website so you can have more time to focus on the things you do best! Manage WordPress can take care of the content updates, WordPress plugin updates, copy writing, keeping your website in tip top shape, handle the technical side of things, perform regular backups, be on top of your website’s security and more.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services


In the event that something terrible happens and you are in the midst of your losing your entire website, having a solid set of complete website backups is extremely essential. Although it may seem unusual, we always keep a full backup copy of your entire website consisting of the database, content, pictures, documents, plugins, customised code, themes and many more. Gain a peace of mind knowing that a full copy of your website files are safely stored in our system and a one click restore is all that is needed should the worst occur.


Our monitoring system is 24/7 and it alerts us instantly if your website is down and we will do whatever it takes to get your website back up. If you hosting your site elsewhere, we will contact your web host ourselves and act as your front line to ensure your site is running flawlessly.


Keeping your website secure should be your priority. If your website have been hacked before, you will know how stressful it could be. The amount of time and headaches it takes to clean up a hacked site is more than any of us should have to handle. But when it comes to WordPress security, we are like superheroes! We implement safety measures to keep the troublemakers out and away from the websites we manage and monitor. Keep your computer free of viruses as a smart one can find its way into your website from your machine.

Security features include 30-point website lockdown, malware scanning, brute force login protection, limiting login attempts, hiding login & admin, Google reCAPTCHA integration, lock out bad users and two-factor authentication.


WordPress database is similar to filing cabinet for your website. Images and content such as posts, pages, comments, web revisions and spam comments, as well as the settings for your themes and plugins are all stored in the database. If you have been using WordPress for some time, there are chances your database could be cluttered and filled with tables which are no longer needed. This data which is unused causes the database to bloat so cleaning it up and optimizing it not only clears up significant space in your database and reduce errors but also increases your website’s loading speed and make it run more efficiently.


As time passes, many WordPress websites accumulates unnecessary or outdated plugins. We will backup your website before we get rid of those plugins or update them to the latest version and perform a general clean-up across your site. We will also run through your media library to ensure that the basic on-page SEO principles have been adopted. We will also check your site with various professional tools to see how its performing in terms of loading speed and perform some tweaks if deemed necessary.


WordPress has periodic updates that takes place automatically to your website and essentially take care of themselves. However, when there are larger updates to the WordPress core, these updates may blunt the existing WordPress installation that has been set up. We will test the latest WordPress updates on your site and once done, we will update your website with that version once we are assured its reliable and secure. In this process, your website’s design and functionality will not be affected.


Keeping your chosen WordPress theme up-to-date is a vital proactive step in maintaining the security of your website. In order to keep the bad guys out, we will always ensure that you are running the latest version of your WordPress themes.


Plugin developers are constantly finding ways to improve their work by providing additional functionality and security to enhance their plugins. These plugins, featured on thousands of WordPress sites, are responsible for enhancing the experience visitors have on your site, whether through design effects or sophisticated e-commerce systems. For the site owner plugins provide meaningful feedback and analytics on visitor behaviour and patterns. Staying current on when developers offer updates, how these updates benefit and maximize your website, and knowing how to initiate and monitor changes to your plugins is something we take care of so you can focus on your visitor’s experience.


It is essential to keep your website content fresh periodically. Its best to update your contents at least quarterly even if its just a small change. You could tell your audience more about the product or service you are offering. Even with CMS such as WordPress, content updates can be time consuming especially if you are not sure where to add them and what if something else goes wrong while tryin to add it. Yes, we have clients who go through that all the time. You risk running into something that may go over your head.  Let us do the changes for you rather than trying to do it yourself. We offer help on any issues related to your WordPress website – adding, removing and editing contents and images, change color themes, typography styles, adding/editing events into calendar etc.


The successfulness of a website partially depends on the hosting speed, uptime and security. At Manage WordPress, we partner with Siteground to host your websites which fulfills all the important criterias of a good web host.

Siteground hosting features are  99.99% uptime, bulletproof security, SSD for Data storage, Cloudflare CDN, NGINX server, Caching tool to boost website speed (SuperCacher), HTTP/2, PHP 7, HTTPS & SSL Certificate, comprehensive daily backups & restoration, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mySQL, unmetered traffic and cPanel.

We undertake each and every wordpress maintenance project with care, passion, and purpose.

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