Top 10 Website Maintenance Companies in Singapore

Top 10 Website Maintenance Companies in Singapore


Importance of Website Maintenance

Just like a car needs servicing time to time to keep it running and a tip top shape, a website also needs constant maintenance and protection against hackers.

Website maintenance is essential to any business be it a startup or enterprise. Your website is a mirror of your corporate image and it can have a huge impact on how the value of your product or service is perceived. It is in fact and will be the first impression a potential client has of a business. People research the product or service the company is offering through its website and social media sites before moving forward with them. Thus, a website has to meet a visitor’s expectations. A poorly maintained website which is slow and has errors, excessive downtime, tons of broken links and links which leads to 404 (page not found) and outdated information projects a bad corporate image and may drive away potential customers resulting in decline in business over a period of time.

Statistics from show that one third of the WordPress websites are running outdated versions of the software.

Regular website maintenance service is vital to retain and attract new customers, maintain SEO rankings and value of the site and present upto date information on products and services a business has to offer.

Keeping the content on your website updated periodically and ensuring there are no broken links or links that redirects to unrelated pages keeps your potential visitors engaged. You will not want your visitors to get frustrated and move on to your competitors’ better maintained website. Websites can never really be “complete” as they have to be updated with fresh content regularly to engage and grow your audience.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

With websites being built on open source platforms nowadays, it is easy to edit the existing content and publish new ones. But bear in mind these are complex software. They have to be kept update to date to prevent security issues from arising and to boost performance.  One example is WordPress. It is highly known for being editable by those who are not IT savvy but that’s not all. The core software as well as any plugins and themes has to be regularly updated. Before that, a backup has to be performed so that in case any issue occurs, the website can be rolled back to the working version.



Website contains thousands of lines of code and hackers are constantly discovering vulnerabilities to take advantage of and troll the internet to exploit sites. Keeping your website’s software updated with the latest security patches can prevent security breach.

If your website gets hacked even with all the security measures in place, the virus has to be removed manually, site has to be cleaned up and data has to be restored. Search engines and browsers could blacklist your site due to the virus therefore they have to be approached one by one to whitelist you once again. This can only be done with the help of a website maintenance company in Singapore who can speedily clean up your hacked website.

Fresh Content

Upload new content on your site time to time. No one would want to read the same content every time they visit your site. Outdated information gives your visitors the impression that you are not serious in your business or are on the verge of closing it down.


Search engines such as Google and Bing rank sites favourably that are well maintained, fast and free of errors, both on desktop and mobile. In addition, they love fresh content. So every time you publish new content related to the subjects of your site, you are giving the search engines the opportunity to rank your site even higher.

If you would like a professional website maintenance company to handle your website for you while you do the work you love, do contact us. Our professionals will keep your site in a tip top shape. Meanwhile below are some of the companies in Singapore who provides website maintenance.

If you are looking for Website Development, eCommerce Website Development or Website Maintenance, feel free to contact us anytime.


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