How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your WORDPRESS Site

In the market full of competitive hosting plans, how will you choose the best web hosting for your WordPress site? There are thousands of WordPress hosting services to choose from. Indeed, it will be a difficult task for you without knowing the parameters on which the suitable web hosting is selected.

One web hosting won’t be fit for every WordPress site. Each of it has its own customized plans that may be worthy of other websites but not for yours. So you just have to choose a suitable hosting for your WordPress blog, eStore or any business site.

In this article, we will share the best possible tips on how to select the best web hosting for your website (Better and Cheaper)

What to Know Before Selecting a WordPress Web Hosting?

Before proceeding to select an appropriate web hosting plan, you need to know a few things about your website and its requirements.

·         What is your website’s target audience? Is it local or International?

It is the most basic question you will want to ask yourself before even setting up your online business. Who do you want to target as your preferred audience? For example, if you own a local bakery shop in Singapore, you would want your website to be accessible and fast in Singapore and maybe in nearby countries. You do not require an international web hosting server in this case necessarily. Local web hosting will do fine.

·         What is its current traffic volume?

It means that how many visitors come to your website daily on average. Unless you are a full-fledged online business. The number of visitors coming to your website will be average and can be easily managed by a shared web hosting server. But as your website grows in terms of visitors’ traffic, you will need a separate web hosting server.

·         How frequently do you want customer support?

Ask this question to identify whether you are a beginner or not. A beginner will need regular support through different channels while a professional can wait for response delay and can run most of the website’s features on his own. We will discuss more support later in this article.

·         What is your web hosting budget?

Most of the website owners do not want to spend much of their budget on web hosting. This is natural and logical. But what if a low price web hosting makes you suffer unbearable losses such as backup loss, long downtime and minutes of loading time for the website. We are sure you won’t like that and nobody else would do it too. So spending a few more bucks can pay you back a lot more than you can think by gaining more customers to your website and selling them your services and products.

If you want your website to be the best in the long run, you should never trust on free hosting services.

Knowing the answers to the above-mentioned questions will help you a lot in finding a decent web hosting solution.

Features to Choose in WordPress Hosting Plans

  1. Speed
  2. Uptime
  3. Support
  4. Security


The most crucial parameter for your website is its speed and performance. Nobody wants to visit a slow running website. To ensure the lightning-fast speed, capable hardware is required such as the best CPUs and disc spaces (HDDs and SSDs). 

What causes a website to slow down and eventually to go offline? It’s the excessive traffic that your average web hosting service cannot bear and make you suffer as your website goes down due to heavy incoming traffic because of your viral content. You would be happy to see the incoming traffic but might be unaware of the consequences of buying an average hosting plan which can cause a huge number of visitors to go away from your website. 

So how will you tackle this situation? Some WordPress hosting servers offer unlimited disk storage which will assist you in managing your website content effectively but what if your website performance is still not up to the mark? 

A critical reason for it may be the location of your web hosting servers. The nearer a web hosting server is to you, the better it will perform. So we would highly recommend you a local web hosting to select rather than going for an international one (Unless you are a big brand or want to target international audience)

You can track your website’s speed and loading time through gtmetrix (Free Website’s performance test service) and it will show you how well your website is performing in terms of speed and loading time. If you still get a low score of performance, it may be the right time to shift to a local web hosting server that is more reliable.


Imagine visiting a website that is mostly down. You might visit it again and again, to check if it went back online but after a while, you will switch to some other option that is available. Nobody has got time to wait for your website to show up again and this will eventually cost you reputation loss and potential customers will go away.

The website’s uptime is the second most important parameter to consider when selecting the best web hosting for WordPress. Getting a 100% uptime is too good to be realistic but at the same time, anything under 99% is unacceptable if you are running any professional WordPress site.

Some website hosting services claim to provide 99.9% uptime for their clients but actual figures show that they don’t. So how will you verify their claims? Well, you just have to read the WordPress hosting reviews for them and you will find your answers.

Having a low time will also affect your Search Engine Optimization as Google crawlers are smart enough to detect whether your website is working properly at times or not. For perfect SEO, your website should be accessible all the time 24/7.


This parameter is largely dependent on your experience and familiarity with the web hosting services and website management. Of course, you won’t face any problems if you know the basics of WordPress installations, usage of plugins, migration of sites, and security backups, etc. You won’t require a fast and 24/7 accessible support if you are familiar with all of it.

But being a beginner, you don’t need to worry. Just select a web hosting that provides instant support to their customers. There are several web hosting services around the world that provide support through different mediums such as phone calls, live chat, emails, forums, and ticketing support system. Just share your queries with them and they will provide you the appropriate technical solution for it.

You will need quick turnaround time if you are a beginner in WordPress management but with the passage of time, as you become familiar with the WordPress basics, you won’t require it frequently. Although WordPress is not so difficult to use and manage we will highly encourage you to get accessible support as messing a single setting of the website might drag it down.


Security is the basic need of any website and online business. You just can’t run an online business without a proper security and backup plan. Many WordPress hosting services provide security and backup plans for their valued customers through various features such as SSL certificates, Server Hardening, etc.

It is recommended to choose a web hosting plan that offers regular site backups. If not daily, then at least weekly backups are necessary for a WordPress blog or WooCommerce store. You cannot compromise on backing up your website content that you made in months or years with your full effort and consistency.

Many WordPress website owners ignore the parameter of security and this makes their website vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses which is surely not the best thing for any website.

Types of Web Hosting – Which is the Best for You?

You should be aware of the following four WordPress hosting services before selecting a suitable one for your website.

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated Web Hosting
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting

Some of the web hosting companies offer more features than others but their plans are equal in price, so you will have to keep an eye on the budget as well. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Shared Web Hosting

It is the cheapest of all the web hosting services. As the name implies, it shares the server resources with other similar websites. The web hosting server will share its speed, response time and processing power to all the hundreds or thousands of similar websites hosted by that server.

It is the ideal web hosting service for a low budget initial startup of a WordPress website. Since there is less incoming traffic on a newly made website usually, you won’t require a separate server hosting for your website as it won’t consume much of the server resources. Getting an individual server will cost you money and won’t provide any notable benefits initially.

Always look for a shared hosting plan that offers a decent amount of RAM and CPU power to run your website efficiently along with thousands of websites.

VPS Hosting

Don’t get fooled by the Virtual Private Server, it doesn’t mean a separate server for your website. Instead, the server is partitioned according to your desired needs. You can’t use all of these web hosting’ features if you are a beginner.

So it is highly recommended for a professional that can customize his settings by playing with the components of the server since the root access is given to him in VPS hosting. If you are looking for a highly scalable web hosting plan, VPS hosting is the one you need. It will open the new doors of web hosting flexibility and customization.

VPS Hosting will allow you to run your website smoothly without worrying about traffic volume and the allocation of shared resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Services are suitable for big business websites and eCommerce stores that get huge incoming traffic and processing requests. It will allow your website to be hosted on a leased out server that is in your full control.

Using dedicated hosting is generally is expensive but you will never a single issue about loading speed and speed for your website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Here comes the best option for the non-professionals and probably handy for other people too who do not want to manage their websites on their own. By getting this website hosting, you will be free from all technical chaos as it will be handled professionally by hosting itself. It is good for the people that do not have time for managing their websites which causes their website to slow down and lowers its performance.

This hosting service will take care of the technical stuff of your website including clearing the website’s cache regularly, making regular backups, updating WordPress and its plugins. They will also fix the problems whenever your website gets down due to excessive traffic or any other reason. This is the reason they offer nearly zero downtime.

Managed WordPress Hosting will allow you to focus on developing the content for your website and engage with your potential customers without worrying about the technical side of the website.

Another benefit of Managed Hosting is that it is affordable and scalable. You will get the unlimited number of features for your WordPress site to make it in just the way you want it to be.


We hope that the article will help you select the best web hosting for WordPress website. Just keep all the above-mentioned factors in your mind and you will find the dream web hosting service for your website.

Stay tuned for more WordPress guides as we will continue to post amazing content to help you run your WordPress website efficiently. Don’t miss out!

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